About 5StarBaby

In 1999 I was blessed with my first child, James. I started thinking about what type of birth announcement I would send out months before his arrival. Being a graphic designer, I wanted to create something memorable, unique and above all very original. I came across some interesting movie posters in a design magazine and knew I found the perfect way to accomplish exactly that.

 A movie poster! I knew that would have the impact I was looking for. It was large enough to incorporate all the usual details: the baby’s name, birthdate and time, length and weight.

A movie poster also had a format to include a host of other details which unfortunately never usually make it to birth announcements. James’ movie poster, titled “Sweet Baby James” after the James Taylor song, included the doctor’s name, hospital and every close relative we could think of.  For fun, it also included twists on movie poster standards, such as critics quotes and a rating, “B” for Boy. It had the logos of diapers under “costumes by” and my wife even got a catering credit for nursing.

Everyone who received a poster commented on how much they enjoyed it. The reaction was overwhelming. I started getting requests from new parents all over the country to create movie poster birth announcements and soon 5StarBaby.com was “born”.

Two years after James' birth my second son, John, who’s movie poster was titled “Being John Malamas” after the movie “Being John Malkovitch”. Another hit! We were blessed again with our third boy, Luke. With the name Luke, and a STAR WARS craze, I had to run with it. “EPISODE III, The Birth of Luke” was my most detailed poster to date. The whole family, even our dog Zoe was in this one.  Again, everyone who saw the poster loved it.

I love creating these posters and know you will get the same reactions that we did. Your family and friends will truly enjoy these unique birth announcements. Many will save them and talk about them for years to come.  Even your baby will some day appreciate seeing himself or herself as the “5 Star” baby in a movie poster. I’d love to hear what you think of my posters.