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Our mini movie poster will have family and friends talking about your baby’s poster for years to come. Each mini Movie Poster Birth Announcement is tailor-made for your new arrival, and includes all the “stats” about your baby’s birth in an entertaining “mini baby reviews”. Everyone will feel like a special part of this wonderful time. movie-poster format. Your poster will include the names of your loved ones as the supporting cast and personalized.

Click to enlarge to view detailsIT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS!

No other birth announcement includes so many little details that make the special people in your life a part of this wonderful event. Maybe that special nurse who really helped out or your Aunt who went the extra mile. Include anyone, and don’t forget the family pet. There is no limit to who or what can be included!

Here are some of the details which make our custom announcement posters memorable:
(Choose the details appropriate for you)

  • Title of “movie” (can be anything you'd like)
  • Parents listed as “Producers”
  • Variety of “Critic’s Quotes” about your baby
  • Date, time, weight and height of baby
  • Doctor listed as “Director”
  • Filmed in” the Hospital the baby was delivered
  • Siblings, Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
    and ANY other special people who you want included
  • Made Possible with a grant by God (Optional)
  • “Catering” by the mother (Optional)
  • “Stories” by Mother Goose
  • “Subtitles in ...” any additional language
  • “Soundtrack” on Waaaahhhh!!! records
  •  Rated B for Boy, Rated G for Girl, or Rated T for Twins
  • “Costumes” and “Props” listed
  • “Now Showing” in your city of residence
    (Choose whatever details are appropriate for you)
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